Adrian Fric

Marketing Consultant and


CEO & Co-owner at Visitero, Co-founder & CMO of seenode.

Helping Businesses To Succeed

With a rich background in deciphering market trends, data analytics and consumer behavior, I thrive on crafting solutions that drive success for businesses.

Marketing Consulting

Validate your marketing strategy. By leveraging in-depth market analysis and strategic planning I will help you enhance your operational efficiency and drive significant business growth.

Data Analysis

Dive deep into the behavior of your consumers, market trends, and operational metrics to uncover actionable insights. I will guide you to data-driven decision-making that helps your business to optimize processes, enhance marketing strategies, and boost overall performance.

Strategic Planning

Let’s develop a marketing strategy tailored to your business needs. I’ll help you position your company for success with strategic plans that are both clear and actionable, aimed at meeting your long-term goals. Together, we will establish vital KPIs and I will guide you on how to effectively interpret these indicators in your daily work.

Campaign Setup

Maximize your impact with precise campaign setup services. From concept to execution, I will craft targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience. Advertise on Google Ads, Meta Ads, LinkedIn, Reddit and many more.

A Few Words About Me

I am Adrián, a passionate marketing specialist and seasoned data analyst with over six years of professional experience. I believe that operational efficiency is pivotal for the seamless functioning of businesses.

Presently, I serve as the Co-owner and CEO of Visitero, a digital marketing agency, and as the Co-founder and CMO of seenode, a burgeoning cloud platform startup. Additionally, I extend my expertise through consultancy services for various businesses under Accencis.

Full Work Experience

Throughout my career, I have lead and co-founded numerous successful projects, contributing to an annual revenue surpassing €3 million. My professional journey includes collaboration with over 80 diverse businesses and I provided consultation for tens of distinct projects, showcasing a breadth of experience and a proven track record in achieving substantial outcomes.


until NOW

Co-owner & CEO – +42% YoY revenue


until NOW / /

Business Owner – over 10 000 mattresses sold in first 2 years


until NOW

Co-founder & CMO – cloud platform start-up


until NOW

Co-founder – Marketing & Business consulting, Data analytics


until 2022

PPC specialist / Team leader


until 2020
ErlaServers (webhosting)

Co-founder, Marketing & Sales – over 100 clients hosted


until 2017

Co-founder, Web developer – over 20 websites created

Work With Me

Are you looking to validate your marketing strategy, develop a tailored acquisition plan, or establish KPIs for your business? I can offer multiple insights and provide examples of successful strategies from various industries.

Initial Session
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From time to time I share my thoughts on marketing trends, market insights and more.